True Diamond Science

Fitting a kid for a baseball bat has been done the same way for a century. And baseball likes its traditions. True Diamond Sports brings a patented, more accurate fitting method and unique half sizes to the youth batter’s box.

So how do we overturn a 100-year old method? And how do we come up with an idea with just a few days and even less image assets?

Start by speaking their language. Then we can show ’em how this new fitting method translates to big hits.

Stacking plates.

The idea here was to generate as many options as possible for a long campaign, then allow the paid social algorithm to pick the winners and continue running them.

Grow your garden
in left-center.

Lace heaters.
Stack plates.

Smash gas.
Stack plates. 

Rake heaters.
Grow gardens. 

Slappin’ taters
left and right.

Blistered. Tattooed. Crushed.

Here’s your rake,

More taters, bombs, frozen ropes
and hacks.

More yolks, pokes, tattooed heaters
and belts.

Moonshots deep in the cheap seats.

Crush cheddar.
Serve oppo tacos.

Turn cheddar into dingers.

Turn cheddar into yolks.

Turn meatballs into frozen ropes.

Turn meatballs into bombs. 

Turn whiffs into yard work.

Smoked. Yolked. Belted.

Retargeting ads drove parents further down the funnel — where we started talking about the risk-free demo and the other products True offers. Then a Facebook Instant Experience drove ’em home.

The final score.

In just a few months of running this campaign, True Diamond Sports saw a 200% return on ad spend.

Art Direction + Design: Benten Woodring