Chemistry. Check.

Chris is every strategist’s dream collaborator.

Paris Daniell | Group Director, Strategic Planning | Eversana Intouch

His passion for storytelling was contagious, and it infused every aspect of the project. When it came to the actual production, Chris was a true leader. He was hands-on, making sure every detail was perfect, from scouting locations to directing talent.

Jess Crouch | Director of Field Marketing | Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken
Worked with Jess when she was at Lion’s Choice

He has a particular ability to distill complex information and channel it into his work product in a thoughtful way. His work provided a catalyst to our organization’s exponential growth.

Megan Crook | Director of Public Policy | Civic Council of Greater Kansas City
Worked with Megan when she was at AltCap

When Chris became my Copywriter I knew I was getting a smart, strategic person with an account background. What I really got was someone who knows how to craft concepts and copy with the best of them, a tremendous team player who never stops looking for a smarter solution, and a brainstorming beast whose ideas usually end up being client favorites.

Chris Kelman | Creative Director | Lifestance Health
Worked with Kelman when he was at TPN

When I think of what defines a great conceptor, I think of someone who delivers against a brief while pushing the client to expand their thinking. I think of someone who is a thoughtful listener, an artful articulator and pushes themselves as well as those around them to think bigger and smarter. Take all of the aforementioned, add witty, unflappable and the first person you’d call to grab a cold one and you’ve got Chris.

Kelly Platt | SVP, Client Service | The Marketing Arm
Worked with Kelly when she was at TPN

If I were to start my own agency, one of the names on the short list of people I would absolutely take with me is Chris Jardieu.

Deb Piaseczynski | Senior Director, Social Intelligence & Communities | PRA Health Sciences
Worked with Deb when she was a colleague at TPN

He’s a very handsome boy and I am very proud of him. He’s come such a long way since he used to wet the be[REMAINDER OF QUOTE REDACTED]

Debbie Gladen | My mother