Hey, what’s the big idea?

I just can’t help myself.

Seeing work that my team created, seeing work someone else created during a commercial break of an NBA playoff game or seeing work in a B2B pitch deck. And asking the same question.

💡 What’s the idea? 💡

Peel back the layers of vibes and celebrities and punny quips to ask the same question.

💡 What’s the idea? 💡

Sure, sure you’re probably thinking and asking: Sounds nice, but how can brands keep up with the endless, breathless, conveyor-belt demand of ads today?


Ideas are springboards. Launchpads. Gas-guzzling generators.

Ideas send copywriters into a frenzy of headline generation. Ideas send art directors into a dreamland of how to visually communicate and captivate. Ideas are the lifeblood of a prolific creative team – and, if you’re doing the brand a service, everybody else.

💡 What’s the idea? 💡

Smoke and mirrors can’t disguise a lack of ideas. Budget and placements can’t either. And small boxes on a phone are no excuse to phone it in.

Ideas can fit into boxes of all shapes and sizes. Super Bowl spots and banner ads. Stunts and SEM. Sales conversations and HR onboarding. Remember? Spingboard.

Words fade. Images dissipate. Ideas stick in brains.

Ideas worm their way in and hang out until the stars align and your audience is finally ready to buy.

💡 What’s the idea? 💡

Advertising is and always will be an idea business. You can thank your audience’s human brains for that.

The next time you’re responsible for putting noise into the marketplace, make sure there’s something in it that’ll stick around for a while. Ask the question.

💡 What’s the idea? 💡

If you’re wondering where that idea comes from, well, that’s the fun part. You and your business just have to be open to it.

GIFs taken from across the internet: City Island Cartoon, Domination Brain