The Ones That Got Away

Budgets were pulled or clients found new jobs or an epidemic of boxchecking marketing struck.

Here are a few projects I think about from time-to-time while staring off into the middle distance.


Challenge. People are grasping for control in a burdensome process of hiring contractors for work on their home.

Strategy. To earn the trust of a skeptical audience, show them we see their home how they see it.

Idea: Your castle, your call

Home repairs have been headaches for centuries. DIY has put everyone in distress. Whoever you are, whatever size your house, Castle pulls on white gloves to handle it all. And you, headache-free homeowner, can take the throne.

Team: Anne Corless, Shelby Mathews

Lexia Learning

Insight. While even education is politically charged right now, there is one enemy all of education can agree on: illiteracy.

Advantage. Lexia frees teachers to focus on more students which frees admins, students and everybody else in the education system to greater things.

Idea: Reading Propaganda

Repurpose public domain children’s characters to stand for literacy. Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Wizard of Oz. They’re all free to use. And they’re all free to fight for what’s right.

Team: Caitlyn Gates

Hyatt Independent Collection

Insight. Outstanding hosts can’t help but show off. 

Advantage. Unbound Collection properties set a stage
that travelers cannot ignore.

Idea: Stay for the show.

Extraordinary objects coming to life as entertainers and exhibitionists. Walls and furniture and features as hosts with the most.

Team: Shelby Mathews, Anne Corless


Idea: No Supply Drama

Before a cold front or a family dinner, you don’t want to be asking if there’s any gas left in the tank. So it’s not too hard to believe some people would go to dramatic lengths to help their chances.

Team: Manda Blake

Lion’s Choice

Idea: Squash the beef with beef.

No matter what comes between people, we can all meet in the middle. Or is it meat in the middle? 

Team: David Garcia, Manda Blake