Once you’ve been burned by soggy, stale veggie lumps, it’s hard to love again. To believe the oh-so-juicy satiation of fried chicken could come without a tsk tsk from mother earth. 

NotCo is so confident that their NotChicken emulates legit fowl that we decided to challenge people to defy the claim with our highly textured brand ads. 

Plus, with a brand name like that, the lines nearly wrote themselves. Nearly.

Sharing is caring so as a juicy bonus we gave our client a few more lines to use across other channels:

Meat for carnivores. And also vegetarians and vegans, too.

Saving the planet is pretty crispy.

Good for the planet. Good for your mouth.

Dip ’em. Share ’em. Horde ’em.

One for me. Annnnd one for me.

Crispy. Juicy. Works anywhere.

Waffles won’t know the difference.

Step aside, chickens.

No chickens harmed in the making (or eating).

Strategist: Anne Corless
Creative Direction: Shelby Mathews & me
Copywriting: Hey, it’s me again
Designer: Caitlyn Gates
Production Studio: Lauren Pusateri