Just Paddles

Please take
pickleball seriously.

JustPaddles.com sells — you guessed it — paddles. Specifically, for pickleball. They sell several brands. So, instead of trying to define their brand, we opted to own the sport itself.

Pickleball is one of those sports where you get out of it what you put into it. Play it with an open mind and it’s all but guaranteed you’ll have a good time. 

This concept reintroduces the sport as refined (you know, like tennis) but not too far up its you-know-what (you know, like tennis).

The headline bank.

Serious fun starts with a paddle. 

Now serving permission for obsession.

Bragging rights now in stock.

How real picklers pick paddles.

Pick a paddle easy peasy.

Now serving outside the kitchen.

Picklers settle it on the court.

Up Hit Creek with a paddle.

Court disputes settle with a paddle.

Nobody pickles like we pickle.

Meet our Paddle Coach. It’s a robot.

Heat up some thwack and cheese. 

We’ve got a paddle with your name on it. That is, if your name is CRBN.

Nothing wrong with a few bragging rights.

You can’t spell pickleball without

The President of Pickleball

An idea the client loved. But budget dictated shooting more malleable assets (above). I’m still crossing my paddles and holding out hope, though.

A note on production.

Shoestring would be an understatement. In-house photographer. Talent sourced from the client team. Wardrobe, propping and staging done by me with some very helpful sounding boards.

A fun reminder of the juice you can get from making something DIY.

Concept: Manda Blake + Me
Photography: Stuart Heidmann
Wardrobe: Me
Creative Direction: Me