Global Entrepreneurship Week

Get in where you don’t fit in.

The unemployable will employ themselves. And Global Entrepreneurship Week can be where those outsiders fit in.

Backed by Kauffman without the bottomless funds of Kauffman, the marketing budget called for the grassiest of grassroots efforts.

Geo-fenced paid social and flyers in parking lots of corporate areas. Burned out printer-paper posters on lampposts. Matchbooks in dispensaries.

Meeting our people where they are, literally and figuratively.

Wanna know how it performed? Scroll to the end to find out.


Clicks and impressions were good but what you really wanna know is is that we increased attendees by 25%.

There was a strong desire to increase younger attendees. After the work we did, 32% of the attendees were 38-years-old and younger.

“For next year, we don’t want to RFP anyone, we want to work with you again.”

Design Director: Christian Johnston
Designer: Caitlyn Gates