Back Yard Burgers

What if we hired a fake tryhard social intern?

CHALLENGE: Back Yard Burgers social media has little engagement and even more irrelevance.

Here’s the idea of Chaz: Back Yard Burgers tweets low-hanging-fruit humor (e.g. “burger is bae”), then immediately replies with an apology from Back Yard Burgers in a more corporate voice saying that intern Chaz is still learning how to build a brand. As Chaz’s background backstory evolved, so did our niche audience in Memphis.

The threads became longer, building layer upon layer of the Chaz lore. His story had everything—office drama, ineptitude, heartbreak—and was only told in the background.

At one point, Chaz gave himself the title Social Media Guru. But after several demotions and promotions, the title became fuzzy. So we asked for some help.

The idea of Chaz lived for about a year on the Back Yard Burgers twitter account. And about a year after his last appearance and mention, the legend lives on.

The idea of Chaz is dead.

Long live Chaz.