Finding something to watch.

BingeMates chooses something you and your roommate, romantic mate or British pal want to watch based on the intersection of your tastes. So all you have to worry about is how much butter goes on the popcorn. (More, please.)

The production.

How does BingeMates work? A magician never tells. Lucky for you, we’re movie lovers and not wizards so here goes: by using curation algorithms that already exist within the most popular streaming services, you get the best results possible. Ta-da!

The direction.

To start, log in to your streaming service of choice and select your account. Then hand the phone to your binge mate and have him or her do the same. 

The plot.

Once you’ve signed in, we cross-reference your recommendations and give you our best pick. Not in the mood for that one? We’ll toss in some backup options you’ll both enjoy.

The BingeMates voice.

You’re the best friend in a rom-com. You crack jokes, but you have a heart. You know more than you let on, and you don’t overdo it with romantic language. The Left and Right sides of the couch might be platonic pals in which case you’re still the best friend in a rom com but they’re in a buddy cop flick and this metaphor is strained. Look, just have fun. After all, that’s what movies are for.

The voice pillars.

  • Casual, comfortable in conversation
  • Positive, affirming and having a good time
  • Self aware, never taking yourself too seriously
  • Cheesy, don’t shy away from puns and corny jokes
  • Familiar, act like you know your user by making it personal

The cast and crew.

The BingeMates app is proof of concept. A few creative friends came together to art direct the layout, design the UI/UX and craft the voice. We hope you enjoy it. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll put some code to it. 


Art direction by Lawson Soward.
UX/UI design by Lucas Wright.