Lexia Learning

Literacy is liberation and justice, and every student deserves it all.”

Lexia Instructional Coach, California

Literacy for all. That’s the tagline Lexia Learning brought with them. They also brought with them a challenge to raise awareness within school administrators – admins who are stressed, pressured and get sold a bag of goods every other day. How do we break through the noisy hot-button hotbed of public education?

Problem. Even education is politically charged right now.

Insight. There is one enemy all of education can agree on: illiteracy.

Advantage. Lexia frees teachers to focus on more students which frees admins, students and everybody else in the education system to greater things.

Reading Propaganda.

We repurposed public domain children’s characters to stand for literacy. Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Wizard of Oz. They’re all free to use. And they’re all free to fight for what’s right.

Propaganda Posters
Our characters break out to environmental and direct mail and maybe even libraries. Wheatpaste takeovers in underserved areas of big cities.

TikTok, Reddit

Before and After
Teacher “influencers” hop on the TikTok trend, but reverse it. They start out disheveled and over it before they begin, then end up happy and excited. Because they had Lexia liberate them from the same results as last year.

Partnerships, PR

Literacy for the Incarcerated
Sponsor reading programs in prisons and/or donate boxes of books every year. A PR effort that’s sure to leave people thinking we truly stand for Literacy for All.

Results and further production TBD.

Strategy: Lauren Knudson and me
Creative: Caitlin Gates and me